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Our commitment to efficiency, reliability, and improving system operations allows us to offer your company solutions that will give you the competitive edge. That’s why our team of specialists is trained to analyze, evaluate, and consider all your options in reaching your efficiency potential.By carefully assessing and evaluating our customers’ individual needs, barriers, and goals, we are able to devise a plan that achieves specific, measurable results. We make efficiency a top priority in determining the best solution for our customers, whether we are selecting a manufactured system that meets your specifications or designing and engineering a custom refrigeration system from scratch.Updating skills and knowledge If you are returning to practice, our requirements mean that you can decide to update your skills and knowledge in a way that is most convenient and beneficial for you.The updating period can comprise a combination of supervised practice, formal study and private study.

Electronics, including all computers, constitute 1% of domestic landfills by volume, but they contribute to 70% of the toxins found inside.

Note: For updating/upgrading Drupal modules and themes, Jump down to the 'modules and themes' help-box below.

⤵ Strictly speaking, 'updating' refers to taking your site from one 'minor' version to another, as for example, from Drupal 7 version d7.1, to d7.2; or from Drupal 8 version d8.0.0 to d8.1.3, etc.

If you are an operating site or organization and have data that you can offer on accidents and near misses, we would like your input.

Any information you supply will be kept completely confidential.

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Download PII’s 2017 Training Catalog (Adobe PDF; 692 KB).

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