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Who is gwen ifill dating

WOMAN: We’re in my bedroom, what used to be my precious, gorgeous bedroom.JEFFREY BROWN: Debris, mud, a life overturned; 90-year old Amos Pierce told us of that moment.It’s the home of actor Wendell Pierce, who tells his story in the forthcoming memoir “The Wind in the Reeds.” Jeffrey Brown recently spent a day with Pierce in the neighborhood he grew up in, Pontchartrain Park, near the Gentilly district of New Orleans. Pierce’s parents, Amos, a janitor, and Althea, a schoolteacher, moved here in 1955 to provide a better life for their three sons.WENDELL PIERCE, Actor: I played on this golf course every day. WENDELL PIERCE: Listen, that is the heart and soul of the American dream, homeownership, the idea of being able to buy a house and start to build your family.

"She just loved a good story and was always looking for smart way to tell them," Burlij said.I was a young reporter at the Baltimore Sun when I was assigned a desk that belonged to her years before. As a young, black, female journalist she was everything I aspired to be.As I moved in my incidentals -- my favorite well worn thesaurus, the mug I liked to use as a pen holder, a picture of whatever dude I was dating at the moment -- my foot kicked an old, dusty box under the desk. Smart as a whip, tough, unflappable and filled with grace, she represented the integrity that I wanted people to think of when they read my work.Afterward, Ifill herself confirmed to the news of her return with a great interview with President.But now she has come back and has been working for PBS.

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Out of curiosity I pulled it out, only to see "Gwen Ifill" scrawled across the top in black marker. The outpouring of grief on social media over her death at the age of 61 tells me that I wasn't alone in that.

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  1. The former couple has spent ample time together since the break-up, prompting rumours the divorce was on hold, but the hip hop star has denied they’re looking to get back together. “Ultimately man, I’m on a mission,” the hip hop heavyweight declared.

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